The Security 360* Assessment: An 8 Security Domain Breakdown to Quickly Fortify Your Most Critical Business Assets

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With so many cyber security threats looming in modern society, it would be easy to get lost in the constant assault that takes over headlines, seemingly, every single day.  As a growing startup based in Akron, Ohio, we need look no further than our own backyard to find recent hacks that have compromised some of the most trusted institutions we rely on for day to day living.  From recent reports about our region’s largest employer (and near-ubiquitous healthcare provider), Summa Health Systems’ data breach of 500+ patient records (, to highly confidential government affairs within The City of Akron, to the most public of inconveniences, commercial air travel at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. 

Still, if one were so inclined, a quick Google search of cities like Atlanta or Baltimore, companies like Target or Experian, and many, many more, remind us that this issue is at our door already, and likely, in the house and stealing the carpets.  It is for these reasons that Centerlink Technologies is proud to offer Security 360*, an interactive vulnerability assessment that seeks to identify as many security gaps as possible, and then rank them in priority based on threat intelligence for your industry.  Our testing methodology incorporates principles from the scientific method, engineering best practices and PTES Technical Guidelines in order to provide measurable, repeatable results.  We can offer this with sincere confidence, as our security team members are experienced, certified practitioners that carry out their duties with respect, integrity and accountability.

The Security 360* assessment platform was designed to provide customers the ability to determine which domains they are most concerned with based upon their industry and unique business needs.  Centerlink Technologies aims to partner with clients to create a common-ground starting point – OR – continue to build upon your current cyber security posture, with the single focus of protecting your organization by minimizing your risks.

Whether we are working with a local accounting firm’s sensitive financial information, or an enterprise level corporation utilizing blockchain technology or artificial intelligence, we offer the same analytical approach, which highlights 8 security domains to help you quickly identify areas that need the most attention:

  1. Open Source Intelligence – Public Information Disclosure; Online Reputation; Proprietary Data Leaks
  2. External Network – Vulnerabilities; Attack Surface; Misconfiguration
  3. Social Engineering – Phishing; Phone; Tailgating
  4. Physical Security – Surveillance; Access Controls; Territorial Reinforcement; Maintenance
  5. Signals Intelligence – Wi-Fi; Bluetooth; Radio; ZigBee
  6. Internal Network – Vulnerabilities; Attack Surface; Misconfiguration; Passwords
  7. Application Security – Web App Vulnerabilities; Logic Flaws
  8. GRC – Governance; Risk; Compliance

Centerlink Technologies offers multiple packages to satisfy the security concerns and budget constraints of various types of organizations.  Our pricing assumes domestic locations within 60 miles of our offices, however, our personnel may be able to travel domestically and abroad for an additional travel expense.  If one, some, many or all of the above seem to line up with areas you have identified are in need of further security assessment, contact Centerlink Technologies today at or by phone at 330.921.4115. 

In most cases, we offer a complimentary security overview to start moving things in the right direction.  The unfortunate truth of modern business today is that the highest cost companies are paying around their security position is “the cost of doing nothing.”  Get ahead of the hackers, malicious actors and the like, by engaging Centerlink Technologies before the inevitable happens.

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